house for sale, short saleUps and downs in life occur. Nobody is immune to down cycles, but how you handle the situation can make a difference in how smoothly you regain financial stability and growth.

If you are currently in one of those financial down cycles or are being PCSd and are unable to afford two housing payments, and debts are at risk…

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Honor Role: Vets Mentoring Vets

Arts, media, and entertainment combined is a massive industry in America. Being a field that garners so much money and popularity, getting veterans in the door is a great way to show gratitude to those who have served us.

According to the Watson Institute at Brown…

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Honor Role: Memoir of a Citizen Warrior

Montgomery Granger is a well-known veteran who has worn many hats in his lifetime. When we reached out for an Honor Role interview, he was humble and had great stories to share.

“I was a member of small…

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Honor Role: Giving Life to a Military Veteran

Before we start the story, we want to cut to the chase a bit by asking that anyone who has a Type 0 blood type and is willing to donate a kidney to someone who has served our country, please call Ann Slatterly at 319-338-0581 extension 94782 immediately. Read the piece ahead to see whose life you will be helping by sharing the story or donating.

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Honor Role: Prowess Military Models

Prowess, a company based out of Washington DC, is doing something evolutionary. They are inviting men and women of all shapes and abilities who served our country, to become professional models. They are also seeking the models’ children to become clients!

“Prowess’ fleet of models includes Prowess Women, Prowess…

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Honor Role: Veteran Helps Fellow Foster Children

Jamie Schwandt has a Doctorate in Education from Kansas State University and has been part of the Army Reserve since high school. He went through most of his childhood as a foster child, but as an adult, has a family of his own.

“Wow, the elevator speech, huh?” Jamie questioned, as we inquired what motivated him. “I’m a…

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Honor Role: Patriotic Restoration

HR PatrioticLooking back to your time as a child, you are likely to remember a few things about starting your school day. Eating some cereal, getting on the bus, going to your locker, and starting your day with the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag. One organization still believes in the power of Patriotism and is on a mission to…

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Honor Role: 10 Push Ups for Final Salute Inc.

10 push ups 2You may remember a previous piece that we did on Miss Veteran America (MVA) and Mr. Mom of 2014. Kimberly Wolfanger and her husband Michael have become big veteran figures as spokespeople for Final Salute Inc., who takes on the noble cause of helping end female veteran homelessness.

Since we at VA Home Loan Centers are…

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Honor Role: Equine Therapy for Veterans

Brianna Nash is a veteran and so is her husband, Zachary. To keep her mind occupied while Zachary is still deployed, Brianna has found a unique approach to help out her fellow veterans.

Brianna has assisted fellow humans better themselves, since she is a Life Coach for…

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VA Home Loan Centers Remembers 9/11 Victims

ground-zero-377323_1280We at VA Home Loan Centers service the whole country and we mourn the losses we all have experienced as a nation from the incidents that occurred on September 11th, 2001. We especially remember those from San Diego, where our home office is located, 14 years later.

Here is a list of victims who were local to where we are, and some…

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Honor Role: Joan & Art Barron Veterans Center

By Amanda Rosenblatt

Among the benefits waiting for them when they come home from duty, education via the GI Bill is one of the most important. Many Americans opt to go through the military not only for the honor to serve, but to help pay for their higher education.

There are those…

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Honor Role: Travis Manion Foundation

They have assisted more than 18,000 veterans and survivors of those who have fallen. They have enthused over 50,000 American youths to volunteer in their communities in honor of a soldier who was perished in battle. Close to 50 veterans have graduated from their funded internship, and almost 100 veterans, including survivors,…

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Honor Role: Medicinal Marijuana for Veterans

veteran marijuana health careAl Byrne is a Navy veteran. He was raised in New England, went to college at Notre Dame, and has an economics degree. He served in Vietnam and has a wife who is a nurse.

Al is packaged as an all-American guy, so you would assume he is pretty conventional. That is until you hear his passionate teachings about medicinal…

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Honor Role: Bullets2Bandages

Craft beers are increasingly becoming more popular, and this is especially so in San Diego. One company is looking to capitalize on this movement, and do so for a good cause.

Bullets2Banadages is an apparel and accessories company founded in 2011 that is veteran-owned and gives a good chunk of their proceeds to veteran charities. We at VA Home Loan Centers got to speak with Eric Montgomery, the Sales Manager who wears…

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Honor Role: Building & Supporting Veteran Monuments

A soldier does not volunteer to serve their country for a reward or to be remembered in history. We, as a society thankful for these sacrifices, create monuments and memorials for their actions.

Just as any object made by man, the trials of time will wear down or damage these memorials. EP Henry, an American-made company that…

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Honor Role: Free Event Tickets for the Military


When you’ve got big plans for an event, it makes your life more exciting. Going to a sports game, a concert, or even a theme park – you can’t help but count the days down and have something really great to look forward to.

One organization wants to make sure Veterans, active military and their families…

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Interest Rate Requirements

Interest Rate RequirementsCurrently, the VA does not decide on interest rates for VA-guaranteed loans. The borrower and the lender decide on the best available interest rate together.

Both the lender and borrower should honor any locked-in interest rates or any other agreements that affect the interest rate on the loan.

If an interest rate should increase or there are…

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Honor Role: Wings for Warriors


Anthony Ameen was a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy. He has extensive medical knowledge and has assisted many of his fellow veterans. He also nearly lost his life in combat while deployed.

“I was with the 2nd Battalion/7th Marines – 1st Marine Division and lost my leg in combat,” Anthony recalls to us at VA…

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Honor Role: Our Military Kids

It is important to focus on those in the Reserves and National Guard who are deployed, and those who come home. There is another important factor to focus on. Often, our soldiers are leaving behind a family with children in order to fulfill their duty to serve.

A great network of people realized…

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Honor Role: Pets for Vets

Every year, we lose many Americans in tragic ways. Two kinds of these losses are likely to tug at your heart strings – the many veterans who commit suicide and become homeless each year, and the millions of shelter pets that are put down annually.

Here is an organization whose mission will…

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Honor Role: Tough Enough, Indeed

The WWE has been a renowned source of sports entertainment for decades. As with any industry, there is a need for new talent – the WWE, just like the military, needs able men and women to answer the call.


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Honor Role: Valor Home

When we first met Lisa Peacock, our intention was to speak with her about the Vet Art Project. Though she was proud of her work with the project, which uses art therapy and creative mediums for veterans and their families, she had a request of us.

“If it’s okay – instead of…

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Honor Role: Cell Phones for Soldiers

A daily staple in our lives is the cell phone. Whether you use it for calling, texting, gaming, selfies, or social media – it’s always there.

One organization knows the importance of this modern tool and wanted to make sure that deployed soldiers do not feel this void in their lives. Cell…

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CalVet Home Loans

CalVet Home Loan InfoCalVet Home Loans are a great benefit for veterans or active duty looking to purchase a home in California. These loans are designed to make buying a home in California much easier for veterans of all branches of the military, which includes members of the National Guard and Reserve. Spouses of service members might also be eligible for…

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Veterans Returning to School

Veterans Returning to SchoolEducational benefits are offered to both veterans and active duty military looking to continue their education. Many of the education benefits offered to veterans come from the GI Bill, but there are also many other benefits from other sources. Military scholarships, military education programs, and online education are just a few of the options available to veterans and active…

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Honor Role: Operation 300

SOC Aaron Vaughn was an Elite Navy SEAL and had two children. He enjoyed sports, fishing, and embraced religion. His life was cut short in 2011, when he was killed in action among 30 other service members and over 40 civilian children when a chopper he was flying in was shot down overseas.


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Previously Used Entitlement Restoration

Previously Used Entitlement RestorationVeterans that have used their entitlement in the past, but are looking to buy another home are offered the ability to restore their entitlement. An entitlement restoration can only occur in certain circumstances. The veteran must meet current income, occupancy, and credit requirements.  In order to restore a previously used entitlement, the previous VA-guaranteed loan must be paid in…

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