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Honor Role: Equine Therapy for Veterans

equine therapy3

A little girl who knows the emotional power the human to horse bond is.

Brianna Nash is a veteran and so is her husband, Zachary. To keep her mind occupied while Zachary is still deployed, Brianna has found a unique approach to help out her fellow veterans.

Brianna has assisted fellow humans better themselves, since she is a Life Coach for other women. Her bond with horses, however, has been helpful in her life, especially when she came home from her own deployment. She wants to spread this message to others.

“My husband and I are both veterans, and have experienced the power of healing through working with horses,” Brianna shares with VA Home Loan Centers. “We desire to help more veterans with healing through alternative means in conjunction with therapy.”

With her cause, called Power of the Horse, she hopes to provide an alternative means of therapy for veterans who may have an issue with traditional therapy, or don’t know where else to turn. She, along with her husband, plans to host one day to week-long workshops and will cater to groups as well as individuals. She shows the veterans how to groom the horses, train them, and in general, spend time with them.

She started a fundraiser in June of 2015 and has not set an end date, so as to collect more funds. “I would love for it to be fully funded by the end of the year,” she hopes. “We’re working on finding sponsors and companies that are willing to donate each year to our cause so we can maximize how many veterans we help.”

equine therapy 1

Brianna on a horse

“I am going through training to help further my education to facilitate the space of healing for the veterans,” Brianna says. Her training is to help communicate with veterans on a therapeutic level and teach them how to work with horses.

“Right now, we have two people that are helping us, but they aren’t employees,” she states. “My husband is currently deployed and once he returns, we will hire two returning veterans to help us run our operation.”

“A lot of veterans won’t admit they need help,” Brianna says of veterans going through struggles. “We want to help change that.”

The role models who have made her the person she is today are male father figures from her past. “My grandfather was part of the Air Force during Vietnam. He’s been there and encouraged me. My stepdad was there for me a lot, too.”

“We’re just two veterans who want to help make a difference in our brothers’ and sisters’ lives,” Brianna says of her and her husband. “If we can help them, then it’s all worth it.”

equine therapy 2

Brianna’s grandfather was a big influence in her life. Here he is in his military uniform.

In terms of veterans taking care of themselves when they come back stateside, Brianna definitely believes that fellow veterans should look into their VA home loan benefit. “We intend to use the VA home loan when we find our ‘forever home’ for the program.”

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