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Honor Role: Prowess Military Models

Marissa - Double Amputee (1)

Marissa, a fabulous double amputee. Credit to ProwessModels.com

Prowess, a company based out of Washington DC, is doing something evolutionary. They are inviting men and women of all shapes and abilities who served our country, to become professional models. They are also seeking the models’ children to become clients!

“Prowess’ fleet of models includes Prowess Women, Prowess Men, Prowess Curvy, Prowess Physique, and Prowess Brats (military family kids),” the organization’s press release declares. “A new and unique alternative to hiring our heroes.”


A stunning Coast Guard model. Credit to ProwessModels.com

With so many brands of clothing available at military exchanges for people of all ages and sizes, it is a great strategy to try to get those who serve our county representing the brands that they wear. Prowess has big dreams of clients to work with, such as Coach, Ralph Lauren, Lucky Brand, Hanes, Nike, and Michael Kors, to name just a few.

The agency is looking to expand its clientele with an invitation-only casting call on October 31st in DC. Whether you are active, a veteran, in the reserves, or a military parent of an underage son or daughter fit for the casting needs of Prowess Brats, you are encouraged to try and make it. Only veterans with an honorable discharge, please.


Grace is a charming Army model. Credit to ProwessModels.com

Those who have served the military, or are in a military family and want to pursue modeling as a career, should contact Prowess by emailing [email protected]. Additional info can be found at www.prowessmodels.com.

“The military has taught our nation’s heroes to adapt and to overcome any obstacle,” as stated in the press release. “If a veteran can march, then they can surely strut the runway with the best of them.”

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