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With a population of 38 million people, California is the most populous state in the country. By area, only Alaska and Texas are larger than California. Bordered by Arizona, Nevada and Oregon, California has a diverse geographical range. The Pacific Coast in the west, Sierra Nevada in the east, the Mojave Desert in the south-east and the Redwood Forests of the northwest come together to form unmatched topography in terms of uniqueness. The state contains Mount Whitney, the highest point and Death Valley, the lowest point in the continental United States. Only Florida and Alaska have a longer coastline, and no other state produces more fruit or vegetables. The economy is varied, and important sectors include education, aerospace, manufacturing and the high-tech industry. Silicon Valley in Northern California is home to thousands of tech startups. Notable companies headquartered in this area include Facebook, Google, eBay, Hewlett-Packard and Adobe Systems.

Because of how enormous the state is, offerings are incredibly varied. California has a wide diversity of land (topography) and home prices. Properties are available for purchase using a California VA loan range from condominiums to houses and ranches to farms. Attractions include Disneyland, Hollywood, major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, wineries, rugged national parks, beautiful beaches such as Malibu, San Clemente and Coronado, and a plethora of other things. The State is home to NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS and NBA teams. Culinary options throughout are as ranging is the landscape. The climate is idyllic.

Formed in 1850, California is the nation’s 31st state. A hotbed for multiculturalism, historical influences on California stem from all over the globe. 33 percent of the population is multilingual. The state has the largest minority population in the country.

Special incentives are available to VA loan borrowers who are residents of California. The incentives can include a waiver of property taxes (for disabled and senior veterans) or special home loan rebates.

If you are a veteran or active duty military looking to purchase or refinance a home in California, complete the VA home loan application using the link above.

If you are a Veteran or active duty military homeowner with property in California and would like assistance with a VA loan short sale or VA HLC HAP short sale, please use the form to the right or click here for short sale info.

NOTE: The following is for information purposes only. To find out the exact dollar amount you qualify for, call the VA Home Loan Centers Applications Support Desk at 888-573-4496 or fill out the VA Home Loan Application located here.

Maximum California VA loan Appraisal Fees:

The maximum charge (limits) you will pay for a VA appraisal for a property in California are:

  • Single Family: $450
  • Condominium: $450
  • Manufactured Housing ( including modular): $450
  • Duplex $500
  • Triplex $600
  • Fourplex $600
  • Repair Certification $100

2017 California VA Loan Limits (by county):

The loan limits below are the maximum 2017, $0 down VA loan amount set for each county. Although there is no maximum VA Home Loan amount, the maximum no money down VA home loan limits with a full guarantee are stated below. For loans above the county loan limit, the borrower may have to make a down payment. For more information, call 888-573-4496 to speak with a loan officer.

  1. Alameda County $636,150
  2. Alpine County $463,450
  3. Amador County $424,100
  4. Butte County $424,100
  5. Calaveras County $424,100
  6. Colusa County $424,100
  7. Contra Costa County $636,150
  8. Del Norte County $424,100
  9. El Dorado County $488,750
  10. Fresno County $424,100
  11. Glenn County $424,100
  12. Humboldt County $424,100
  13. Imperial County $424,100
  14. Inyo County $424,100
  15. Kern County $424,100
  16. Kings County $424,100
  17. Lake County $424,100
  18. Lassen County $424,100
  19. Los Angeles County $636,150
  20. Madera County $424,100
  21. Marin County $636,150
  22. Mariposa County $424,100
  23. Mendocino County $424,100
  24. Merced County $424,100
  25. Modoc County $424,100
  26. Mono County $529,000
  27. Monterey County $575,000
  28. Napa County $636,150
  29. Nevada County $477,250
  30. Orange County $636,150
  31. Placer County $488,750
  32. Plumas County $424,100
  33. Riverside County $424,100
  34. Sacramento County $488,750
  35. San Benito County $636,150
  36. San Bernardino County $424,100
  37. San Diego County $612,950
  38. San Francisco County $636,150
  39. San Joaquin County $424,100
  40. San Luis Obispo County $561,200
  41. San Mateo County $636,150
  42. Santa Barbara County $625,500
  43. Santa Clara County $636,150
  44. Santa Cruz County $636,150
  45. Shasta County $424,100
  46. Sierra County $424,100
  47. Siskiyou County $424,100
  48. Solano County $431,250
  49. Sonoma County $595,700
  50. Stanislaus County $424,100
  51. Sutter County $424,100
  52. Tehama County $424,100
  53. Tulare County $424,100
  54. Tuolumne County $424,100
  55. Trinity County $424,100
  56. Ventura County $636,150
  57. Yolo County $488,750
  58. Yuba County $424,100

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