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Application for VA Home Loan (refinance and purchase use)

Below is the official VA Home Loan Centers application

For instructions to complete this loan application, visit “apply for a VA home loan“.

If you would like to have an application mailed or faxed to you or would prefer to complete the application by phone, call 888-573-4496 for assistance.

NOTE: The information in the long application will be needed in order for you to receive full loan approval.
You can save the data for later and return it to complete your VA home loan application at a later time.
In order to process your application, the data above needs to be complete as possible.

If you do not see a box above, please use Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Google Chrome, or other encrypted frames supported browser. VA Home Loan Centers (VA HLC), originator of loans guaranteed by the United States Department Of Veterans Affairs. For the unabridged VA Loan program guide, please request it using the form below.