How To Apply For A VA Loan

This page is designed to provide instructions for proper completion of your VA home loan application.

Proper completion will will ensure priority processing. The VA home loan application should be used if you have military service. This includes active duty or discharged military personnel, active duty or discharged or reservists, and the spouses of active and former military personnel.

If you are a civilian and would like a government home loan, this includes Government VA, FHA, USDA, and/or a Conventional hybrid, you should apply at

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  1. To expedite the loan approval process, complete all fields of the VA Loan Application. If all fields are not complete, the Loan Application will require a final interview to begin loan approval. An incomplete application will cause delays in processing. NOTE: Do not press the submit application button until after all portions are complete.
  2. Set Up New Account / Borrower Information: First / Middle / Last Name: For VA loans, enter the legal name (name in which you wish to hold title and own the property) of the eligible recipient. For all other loan programs (including all FHA, HUD, or USDA agricultural loans), enter the legal name of the primary borrower.
  3. Enter the primary email address you currently use. Your email address will never be sold or used for spam. The creation of the account will allow you to track the status of your Government Home Loan progress. Be sure to check your SPAM folder for a confirmation email.
  4. Social Security Number / Date of Birth: These are not required to apply for a VA home loan however, failure to provide this will result in a delay in processing.
  5. Home Phone Number should be your home number (if you do not have one, enter your primary number). Cell Phone should be cell phone number. Work number should be be any secondary contact number.
  6. Address / City / State: Enter the street address of the Primary Borrower. This should only be the address of the property you wish to borrow against if you are refinancing a property.
  7. Marital Status: Choose "Unmarried" if you are single and have never been married. Choose "Married" if you are married. Choose "Separated" if you are married but separated.
  8. Co-Borrower information uses the same format above.
  9. Borrower Employment: Enter the name of the employer (or main source of income) for the borrower.
  10. Position/Title / Time on Job: Enter the title or job description of the occupation of the Borrower.
  11. Monthly Income (Gross): Enter the income (before tax) of the Borrower / Co-Borrower.
  12. Bankruptcy / Short Sale: Select only if you have a had a prior bankruptcy or Short Sale. If you have not had a Bankruptcy or Short Sale, select "No".
  13. Select "Purchase" if you want to buy a home. Select "Refinance" if you want to change the loan you have.

Once all applicable fields are complete, double check the data and enter the blue Submit Button.

Congratulations, your application is accepted and processing will begin shortly.

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