Maryland VA Home Loan Limits

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Among the smallest American states in terms of geographical mass, simultaneously, Maryland remains one of the most populous states. The population of 5,928,814 puts Maryland right behind Missouri and right in front of Wisconsin. Interestingly, in contrast to the largest city in the state, Baltimore’s depiction on the popular television show The Wire, Maryland boasts the highest median household income in the country, making it the wealthiest state in America. Known for its beautiful coastall areas, crab, and inner harbor Baltimore tourist scene, the state has no shortage of things to do. Washington D.C. and Philadelphia accessible, the state also boasts of destinations like the Antietam Battlefield (Civil War); The Appalachian Trail, Chesapeake Bay, Catoctin Mountain Park, Deep Creek Lake and the spectacular Great Falls. Nicknamed “America in Miniature” Maryland has something for everyone. Annapolis is the state’s capital, and is renowned for its strong traditions of seafood and maritime. In Baltimore, popular city activities include Orioles games at Camden Yards, and the Aquarium.

The landscape and scenery of Maryland vary greatly across the state, from the beautiful coastal areas on the Atlantic Ocean to the picturesque Chesapeake Bay region. As you move west through the state you are greeted with rolling hills and finally, beautiful mountains.

The local economy is largely rooted in both food production, specifically commercial fishing and the tertiary service sector. The state is also a leader in life sciences research and development.

Maryland is home to a number of major military installations, including Andrews Air Force Base, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and the U.S. Naval Academy. The state has a large veteran population—as of 2012; it was more than 450,000, and that’s for good reason. The state provides natural beauty and a high quality of life.

For veterans who will be using a VA home loan in the state of Maryland, a Net Tangible Benefit Worksheet is required, as well as a termite inspection. In addition, a portion of PUD HOA assessments superior to the VA first mortgage under the Maryland Super Lien Law may remain superior. Evidence that all remaining PUD HOA assessments are subordinate to the first lien is required to be documented in the mortgage file.

Veterans who have a service-related disability rating of 100 percent may qualify for a property tax exemption. The exemption amount is variable and is determined by the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs.

Maryland Military Short Sale Assistance:

Do you own a property in Maryland and require short sale assistance? Complete the form below or call 888-573-4496 for more information. When you use short VA Home Loan Centers short sale assistance, it’s zero cost to you, and there’s no impact on your security clearance. Additionally, if you’re current on your loan at the time of your short sale, your credit score will be minimally impacted. Veterans and service members who use short sale assistance will can purchase another home using a VA home loan in the future.

Apply For a Maryland VA Home Loan:

To find out the exact dollar amount you qualify for, call the VA Home Loan Centers Applications Support Desk at 1-888-573-4496 (option 1) or fill out the VA Home Loan Application located here.

Maximum Maryland Appraisal Fees:

The maximum VA appraisal fee for Maryland is $400.00 for a single-family residence and $550.00 for 2-4 unit multifamily.

Maryland $0 Down VA Home Loan Limits:

The loan limits below are the maximum 2018, $0 down VA loan amount set for each county, incorporated city, or municipality (as listed below). Although there is no maximum loan amount, the maximum no money down VA home loan limits are stated as follows.

  1. Allegeny County $453,100
  2. Anne Arundel County $517,500
  3. Baltimore County $517,500
  4. Baltimore City County $517,500
  5. Calvert County $679,650
  6. Caroline County $453,100
  7. Carroll County $517,500
  8. Cecil County $453,100
  9. Charles County $679,650
  10. Dorchester County $453,100
  11. Frederick County $679,650
  12. Garrett County $453,100
  13. Harford County $517,500
  14. Howard County $517,500
  15. Kent County $453,100
  16. Montgomery County $679,650
  17. Prince George’s County $679,650
  18. Queen Anne’s County $517,500
  19. Somerset County $453,100
  20. St. Mary’s County $453,100
  21. Talbot County $453,100
  22. Washington County $453,100
  23. Wicomico County $453,100
  24. Worcester County $453,100























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