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VA Funding Fee

Why do I Have to Pay for a VA Funding Fee?

Because the Department of Veterans Affairs ensures VA home loans, investors are widely protected against loss if the borrower defaults on their mortgage. The guarantee allows for greater accessibility in comparison with conventional loans. Among the numerous rewards of the loan are reduced underwriting standards, no money down, no private mortgage requirements, the ability to pay […]

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Can I Add the Funding Fee to my Loan?

Since 1944, the VA Home Loan Program has financed home purchases for over 18 million veterans. Because the Department of Veterans Affairs minimizes lender-risk by insuring the loans, financing is more readily available. Eight out of ten veterans are unable to qualify for conventional loans; because the program largely mitigates investors from the burden of […]

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VA Funding Fee Info

The VA Funding Fee is a required cost of a VA Home Loan. The VA funding fee has been set by congress and can only be waived 1) if the borrower receives an acceptable disability rating and/or 2) if the borrower receives a regular disability check (as a result of a service related injury) from […]

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