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Tips To Get Your Purchase Or Refinance VA Loan Approved Fast!

Often, most first time home buyers are confused about the steps of the VA home loan application process. In this article we will discuss what steps to take to make your home loan process fast and easy.

Getting a home loan can be quick and easy or it can be a very stressful experience. To get a VA loan the fastest, you should begin with the home loan application. Before you complete the application you will need to gather paperwork. You will need your financial statements (bank, retirement, and savings accounts), tax records, and 2 most recent paystubs. From there, the next step would be to begin the home loan application. For this, you should contact a lender, loan officer, or home counseling agency. Any one of these can be a great resource for information as well as provide you with loan application assistance.

When you begin the application, be as accurate and honest as possible. In today’s economy, virtual every lender or loan investor (the entity that gives you the money) will thoroughly verify your financial data prior to releasing funds. As part of the home loan process, underwriters will cross reference information and determine if you would make a good candidate to loan money to.

Getting a home loan is a complex process. There are many different aspects that will be considered before you receive final loan approval. To make sure your loan closes on time, you should provide the underwriter or loan officer complete documentation. This means all requested paperwork. Even missing what might appear to be an insignificant piece of paper may delay your processing by days or even weeks.

During the loan approval process, you will likely be requested to provide further documentation. This may include letters of explanation, verification forms, disclosures to be signed, etc. Any paperwork requested should be submitted asap. The loan process is slow. Often borrowers will delay their loan by not submitting requested paperwork promptly. Often a delay in paperwork will slow the funding considerably.

After the loan application is complete, the home will need to undergo inspections. At a minimum, the home will need to be appraised. If you are buying a home, you will want to have a physical inspection performed by a licensed contractor during this time as well. Finally, you may need (and want) to get the property inspected for termites and mold.

If you are using a real estate agent to purchase the property or have a loan officer, they should be arranging all the necessary inspections for you. Once the inspection is complete, the lender may require repairs to be completed. Once the repairs are complete, the lender will release final documents for you the borrower to sign. Once that is complete, the loan funds will be released.

By using the right loan program you can make buying a home an easy and satisfying experience.

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