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Napa County, California VA Loans Info

The 2019 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Napa County is $726,525.

Read about the CalVet Home Loan for a property in California by clicking here.

Specific VA guidelines limits their loan guarantees to a maximum of $417,000 unless it’s listed higher based on county limits. In the case of Napa County, California, that figure is $615,250, reflecting the real estate prices in the County. That figure is for a 0 down, VA home loan limit.

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Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable In Napa County:

  • Single Family: $450
  • Condominium: $450
  • Manufactured Housing ( including modular): $450
  • Duplex $500
  • Triplex $600
  • Fourplex $600
  • Repair Certification $100

Veterans living in Napa, California

napa county homes for saleWhen people around the world think of California wine, the name Napa is the first name that comes to mind. That’s because Napa has established itself as one of the premiere growing regions in the world. It’s microclimate of cool nights; breezy days and plenty of sunshine give wine growers a distinct advantage in almost every variety of wine.

Yet Napa is more than just wine. It’s home to some world-famous restaurants, gorgeous scenery and a unrivaled quality of life. Whether you’re looking for arts, culture or outdoor activities, Napa County has just what you’re looking for. Napa County features an abundance of parks that feature sweeping views of the Pacific and the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.

Calistoga features the Petrified Forest and the Old Faithful Geyser of California, which erupts about every 40 minutes. In Westwood Hills Park, you can enjoy wooded trails with magnificent views of Napa Valley. And whether you’re into hiking, camping or mountain biking, Napa County has it all.

There are an abundance of museums in Napa County, including the Di Rosa Art Museum, with the most significant collection of 20th century and contemporary Bay Area art in the world. And for a glimpse into the history of Napa Valley, the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville has a lot to discover. If you’re a Robert Louis Stevenson fan, the Robert Louis Stevenson Silverado Museum in S. Helena has a lot of interesting information to peruse.

Cities in Napa County include the city of Napa, St. Helena, Yountville, Calistoga, American Canyon, Berryessa Highlands, Deer Park Monticello, Oakville, Soda Canyon and Spanish Flat, among others.

living in napa countyThe population of Napa County is 140,400 with a veteran population of 9,704. There are many different types of homes available in Napa County, in a variety of price ranges. The median home price in Napa County is $460,400. The median income is $69,571. It’s a wonderful place to live, and if you’re a veteran planning on moving to Napa County, a VA loan is your best bet. That’s because VA loans offer you very competitive rates, along with many other advantages that make it the best loan choice for veterans.

If you want to apply for a VA loan, you’ll need to have a certificate of eligibility, which means you’re eligible to apply for the loan. It doesn’t mean the lender will automatically qualify you, because you’ll still have to qualify. But it’s the first step of the process.

With a VA loan you’ll be able to purchase or build a home, renovate or improve your existing home, or make substantial energy upgrades to your home if you choose. But here’s what many veterans are doing; they’re taking their VA loan to refinance their existing VA loan to a much lower rate, which will save them a substantial amount of money each month.

Competitive interest rates are just one advantage of a VA loan. Another is that VA loans are assumable, which will become an advantage when it’s time to sell your home. The new buyer will still have to qualify, though. Plus, the VA limits the amount of closing costs that you will have to pay. And you can prepay your loan at any time without a penalty.

Here’s something else unique to the VA loan – if you find yourself having trouble making your mortgage payment, call the VA. They’ll help you with advice and information, along with understanding – to get you through the rough times you could be having.

If you have your certificate of eligibility and are ready to apply for your VA loan, be sure to make all payments on time. That’s because the VA looks closely at the previous 12 months on your credit report. Here’s another bit of advice – try to avoid making any major credit purchases until after your loan is approved, as doing so can negatively impact your credit score. Be aware that the VA is looking for a “good” credit score. It doesn’t have to be “great,” but good is required.

The VA would also prefer to see 2 years of consecutive employment. If you don’t have 2 years, prepare to address this with them. There are also minimum income requirements that are based on your family size and location. These vary with each lender. They simply want to be assured that you’ll not only be able to make your monthly mortgage payment, but your other expenses as well.

For additional information about a VA loan, or for assistance in applying for your VA loan, as the pros at VA Home Loan Centers. They’re always available to help.

Napa County VA Homes Property Search

You can use the Napa County VA HLC property search for the following cities:
American Canyon, Calistoga, Napa, St. Helena, Yountville, Aetna Springs, Angwin, Berryessa Highlands, Capell Valley, Chiles Valley, Circle Oaks, Deer Park, Dry Creek, Gordon Valley, Lokoya, Los Carneros, Monticello, Moskowite Corner, Mt. Veeder, Oakville, Pope Valley, Rutherford, Soda Canyon, Spanish Flat and Vichy Springs.

The property search is being updated. Please call 888-573-4496 to request a list of current VA homes for sale.

VA Approved Condos in Napa County

At this time, there are no VA approved condos in Napa County. If you would like to have VA HLC assist you in condo project approval, please use this link.


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