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Jerome County, Idaho VA Property Information

jerome county2021 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Jerome County is $548,250.

Jerome County was named after a developer on the North Side Irrigation Project named Jerome Hill. Jerome County is located near the southern edge of Idaho, and its largest city is the city of Jerome. Jerome County encompasses a total surface area of 602 square miles, 597 miles of which is land, and five miles of which is water. The Idaho State Legislature officially created Jerome County on February 8, 1919. Surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and a vast countryside, Jerome County provides some of the most amazing views in Idaho. The total population of the county is 22,818, including a veteran population of 1,339.

Box Canyon State Park is one of the most interesting sites in Jerome County. The park is home to the 11th largest spring in America, making it a popular tourist destination! Box Canyon State Park encompasses an area of 350 acres, making it an excellent place to enjoy a nice day outside. The canyon is an excellent place for hikers of all skill sets. For some of the best camping opportunities, be sure to visit Box Canyon State Park.

Another interesting site to visit in Jerome County is the Shoshone Indian Ice Caves. The ice caves are located within a lava tube that is 1,000 feet long. Visitors are walked through the vast caves and are taught about their history. The Shoshone Indian Ice Caves are a great place to learn about the most interesting history of Jerome County. Other fascinating landmarks in Jerome County include the Craters of the Moon site and the City of Rocks.

For some of the most breathtaking views in Jerome County be sure to visit Shoshone Falls. The Shoshone waterfalls are so majestic that they are sometimes called the “Niagara of the West.” In fact, Shoshone Falls are a bit taller than Niagara Falls. The falls are around 212 feet tall and about 1,000 feet wide. For more great views in Jerome County, visit Malad Gorge State Park, Thousand Springs, or Perrine Bridge.

If you are looking to enjoy a day outdoors with friends or family be sure to visit one of the many great parks located in Jerome County. Pioneer Park features many great facilities, including a playground, baseball fields, and many picnic areas. Other awesome parks in Jerome County include A Street Park, Modern Woodmen Park, North Park, and much more!

There is a Veterans Service Office and several American Legions located in Jerome County. Benefits offered to veterans living in Idaho include tax breaks, education benefits, medical benefits, and much more. The median housing cost is $135,200, and the median household income is $40,126.

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83341, 83325, 83301, 83328, 83347, 83334, 83333, 83352, 83355, 83335, 83318, 83338

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Post 2974 Thousand Springs Post
2800 N Wendell Rd
Wendell, ID 83355
United States
Phone: (208) 539-2800

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610 W Main
Wendell, ID 83355
United States
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Quartermaster: James Benson
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Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable in Jerome County

  • Single Family Residence: $600
  • Condominium: $650
  • Residential Duplex: $700
  • Residential Triplex: $750
  • Residential Fourplex: $800
  • Manufactured Home: $650
  • Repair Inspection $150


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