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El Dorado County, California VA Home Loan Information

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What is the VA Loan Limit?

2021 VA Home Loan Limit: $0 down up to $5,000,000* (Subject to lender limits) /2 open VA loans at one time $598,000* (Call 888-573-4496 for details).

How to Apply for a VA Home Loan?

This is a quick look at how to apply for a VA home loan in El Dorado County. For a more detailed overview of the VA home loan process, check out our complete guide on how to apply for a VA home loan. Here, we’ll go over the general steps to getting a VA home loan and point out some things to pay attention to in El Dorado County. If you have any questions, you can call us at VA HLC and we’ll help you get started.

  1. Get your Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
    • Give us a call at (877) 432-5626 and we’ll get your COE for you.
  2. Are you applying for a refinance loan? Check out our complete guide to VA Refinancing.
  3. Get pre-approved, to get pre-approved for a loan, you’ll need:
    • Previous two years of W2s
    • Most recent 30 days paystubs or LES (active duty)
    • Most recent 60 days bank statements
    • Landlord and HR/Payroll Department contact info
  4. Find a home
    • We can help you check whether the home is in one of the El Dorado County flood zones
  5. Get the necessary inspections
    • Termite inspection: required
    • Well or septic inspections needed, if applicable
  6. Get the home appraised
    • We can help you find a VA-Certified appraiser in El Dorado County and schedule the process
    • Construction loan note: Construction permit/appraisal info
      1. Building permit
      2. Elevation certificate
  7. Lock in your interest rates
    • Wait until the appraisal lock in your loan rates. If it turns out you need to make repairs, it can push your closing back. Then you can get stuck paying rate extension fees.
  8. Close the deal and get packing!
    • You’re ready to go.

What is the Median Home Price?

As of March 31, 2021, the median home value for El Dorado County is $569,191. In addition, the median household income for residents of the County is $83,377.

How much are the VA Appraisal Fees?

  • Single-Family: $600.
  • Individual Condo: $600.
  • Manufactured Homes: $600.
  • 2-4 Unit Multi-Family: $850.
  • Appraisal Turnaround Times: 7 days.

Do I need Flood Insurance?

  • The VA requires properties are required to have flood insurance if they are in a Special Flood Hazard Area.
  • The flood zones in El Dorado County are mainly in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Your real estate agent can help you check whether a particular property will require flood insurance.

How do I learn about Property Taxes?

  • Karl Weiland is the current tax assessor of El Dorado County. His office is located at 360 Fair Lane, Placerville, CA 95667 and can be called at (530) 624-5719.
  • Veterans and senior citizens may be eligible for property tax relief. You can find out whether you qualify through the county assessor. In addition, the Assessor’s Office can do re-appraisals to determine property values and flood risks.

What is the Population?

  • The County’s population of 192,843 is 77% White, 13% Hispanic, and 4.8% Asian.
  • Most county residents are between 18 and 65 years old, with 19% under 18 years old and 21% older than 65.
  • In total, the County has about 70,974 households, with an average of 2.6 people per household.

What are the major cities?

The County has two cities, including the city of Placerville, which serves as the county seat. The other city in the County is South Lake Tahoe.

About El Dorado County

Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains El Dorado County, California was founded in 1850 two years after gold was discovered in 1848. James Marshall found the gold in Coloma but never acquired any wealth from his find.

Today the County is known mainly for Lake Tahoe and its rich soil. El Dorado is home to five world-famous wineries. Also, Lake Tahoe is a popular destination both during the summer and the winter due to its many recreational opportunities based on the weather. Lake Tahoe has a depth of 1,645 feet, making it America’s second-deepest lake. The deepest lake is Crater Lake in Oregon, being 300 ft. deeper.

Lake Tahoe formed about 2 million years ago and shaped during the ice ages. It is known for the clarity of its water and the panorama of surrounding mountains on all sides. The area surrounding the lake is also referred to as Lake Tahoe, or simply Tahoe.

Furthermore, Lake Tahoe is a major tourist attraction, and it expands in both Nevada and California. It is home to several ski resorts, summer outdoor recreation, and tourist attractions. Snow and skiing are a significant part of the area’s economy and reputation. The Nevada side of Lake Tahoe also includes large casinos. Highways provide year-round access from Reno, Carson City, and Sacramento.

Veteran Information

The County is currently home to 13,604 veterans.

  • El Dorado County is home to three VFW post:
  • County Veteran Assistance Information
    • El Dorado Veterans Services Office – 130 Placerville Drive, Placerville, California 95667.

Apply for a VA Home Loan

  • For more information about VA Home Loans and how to apply, click here.
  • If you meet the VA’s eligibility requirements, you will be able to enjoy some of the best government-guaranteed home loans available.  
  • VA loans can finance the construction of a property. However, the property must be owned and prepared for construction as the VA cannot ensure vacant land loans.

VA Approved Condos

Address: 2201 FRANCISCO DR
Status: Accepted Without Conditions
Request Received Date: 08/13/2018
Review Completion Date: 09/09/2018
Name (ID): LESSARRA (007641)
Status: Accepted With Conditions
Request Received Date: 01/16/2008
Review Completion Date: 01/16/2008
S. LAKE TAHOE CA 99999-0000
Status: Accepted With Conditions
Request Received Date: 06/24/2002
Review Completion Date: Unavailable
Address: 1439 SKI RUN BLVD
Status: Accepted Without Conditions
Request Received Date: 12/19/2019
Review Completion Date: 12/23/2019

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