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Camas County, Idaho VA Property Information

camas2021 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Camas County is $625,500.

Camas County is located in the southern portion of Idaho and was officially created on February 6, 1917. The county is named after a prevalent flower in the region known as the Camassia. The Camassia was used as a major food source for Native Americans and early pioneers. Most locations in Camas County offer amazing views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Fans of skiing will enjoy the many ski areas. With a total population of 1,039, including a veteran population of 133, Camas County is the second least populated county in Idaho.

One of the most popular destinations in Camas County is one of the relaxing hot springs. These hot springs are the perfect place to forget about any stresses in your life. The Warsick Hot Springs are located within a forest in Camas County, so you will have excellent views while you are enjoying the warm waters. The other hot springs location in Camas County is Skillern Hot Springs. Skillern Hot Springs provide amazing views of the Smoky Mountains and Sawtooth National Forest.

For any nature lover, the Camas Centennial Marsh is the perfect place to visit. A diversity of different bird species live within the Marsh, making it a great location for avid bird watchers. Some of the bird species located in the Camas Centennial Marsh include raptors, mallards, herons, cranes, and many more! There are many places in the Camas Centennial Marsh to bring the family or friends for a nice picnic.

Hikers and mountain bikers will enjoy the many opportunities available at the Little City of Rocks. The Little City of Rocks is made up of many interesting rock formations that have been standing for centuries. With over 5,875 acres of land, be sure to bring your camera to capture images of the beautiful rock formations. During the spring months, the Little City of Rocks will have many sparkling streams and waterfalls flowing through it.

You are sure to find your new favorite restaurant in Camas County. There are restaurants in Camas County sure satisfy anyone’s taste buds, including tasty mountain cooking, smoky barbecue, and decadent desserts. Camas County is also home to many laid-back cafes, perfect for a relaxing afternoon of reading or working on your computer. Several breweries can be found in Camas County for lovers of local craft beer.

There is a Veterans Services Office and several other veteran resources located in Camas County. Veterans living in Idaho are offered many benefits, including educational benefits and disability compensation. The median housing cost is $163,000, and the median household income is $41,154.

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Quartermaster: John Koonce
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Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable in Camas County

  • Single Family Residence: $600
  • Condominium: $650
  • Residential Duplex: $700
  • Residential Triplex: $750
  • Residential Fourplex: $800
  • Manufactured Home: $650
  • Repair Inspection $150


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