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How The Program Works:

  • Step 1  Complete & Submit Your VA Loan Application.
  • Step 2  VA HLC Will Compare The Rates Of VA Approved Lenders & Match You With The Best Rate Possible.
  • Step 3  You Choose An Agent & Select Any Move-In-Ready Residential Property.
  • Step 4  The Property Is Inspected And Appraised By The Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Step 5  VA Required Repairs Are Made To The Property.
  • Step 6  Title Is Transferred & You Become The Owner.

VA HLC was really great! Not only did I buy an excellent home $10,000 below the VA appraised value, I also saved over $11,250 in closing cost!

-Del Croswell
Poway, CA

Group 1

Prices are at record lows, foreclosures are at record highs, interest rates are being offered below 5%.  Properties are being sold for half of what they were at the climax of the market!  If you can afford to pay rent, you can probably afford to buy your own home.

$0 Down and $0 Closing Costs!

When negotiated properly, buyers will not have to pay closing costs nor a down payment!  Our network of knowledgeable real estate agents are trained to assist you, the buyer for no-additional-cost!  In addition to this, if you are unsatisfied with your agent, we will replace them!

Group 2

VA Home Loans are guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Prior foreclosure and/or bankruptcy accepted.

For VA Loan Eligibility Information, click here.