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How long is a VA appraisal valid?

For any property to be eligible for purchase with a VA home loan, a VA appraisal is required prior to purchase to determine that the value of the property matches the value of the loan.

The requirements of a VA appraisal include:

VA appraisal requirements

  • Being conducted in a timely manner
  • Adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
  • Meet all VA requirements of habitability, sustainability and livability

Per VA rules, for a property to be purchased, a Notice of Value (NOV) must be attached to it. This ensures that the loan issued is for the fair market value of the home.

“An appraisal ordered by the US Department of Veteran Affairs is valid for six months.”

What this means is that the appraised value remains the same regardless of if there is an adjustment to the contract terms. After appraisal, the loan must be insured within 180 days of the issuance of the notice of value.

VA rules stipulate that if the borrower decides against purchasing the property, a new appraisal must be conducted for future buyers who are subsequently interested in purchasing said property. Prior to January 1st of 2012, this was not true; however as of now, for a VA loan to be used in purchasing a home, the buyer must have their name enclosed on the appraisal.

Properties Not Eligible for Purchase

Because the VA will not insure loans used for the purchase of unsafe, uninhabitable properties, certain conditions exist that will negate a home from being purchased with a VA loan. Minimum VA property requirements must be met to ensure that hazardous defects are not present.  Property requirements include:

  • Appropriate heat source
  • No broken windows
  • Suitable electricity and lighting
  • Non leaking roofs
  • Foundation problems
  • Drainage
  • Excessive Dampness

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