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Glades County, Florida VA Home Loan Info

Homes for Sale in Glades County, Florida2021 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Glades County is $548,250.

For thousands of years, indigenous tribes lived in the Glades County area of Florida. After initial contact with Europeans, the native peoples of the area experienced a rapid depopulation. During the 1700’s, this population grew when migrating Creek came from Georgia. Multi-ethnic tribes formed the Seminole nation in this territory of Florida. In the nineteenth century, maroon communities sprang up, these enclaves of escaped African slaves; for their partnership with Seminole nation became known as Black Seminole. Formed in 1921, and named for the Florida Everglades; today the county contains the Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation. The reservation is made up of 36,000 acres and is home to nearly 600 people. The Brighton Seminole Casino, a 27,000 square foot gaming center with 375 slot machines, large poker room and high stakes bingo is found on the reservation.

Since 1948, the Chalo Nitka festival has occurred on the first Saturday of March, making it one of the oldest continuous celebrations in the state. Like a county fair, the festival honors the history and culture of the area.

The population has 12,884 residents, with county seat Moore Haven having the highest concentration of residents. Since the year 2000, the population of the county has increased by 23 percent. The cost of living in Glades County is over 15 percent less than the American national average. The median home value of Glades County is $84,400 and the median family income is $35,219.

Farming and fishing is a major component of the local economy. 15 percent of all residents are occupationally involved in this industry. Locally, the only occupational field with a greater percentage of residents working in it is retail.

To apply for a VA home loan in Glades County, contact VA Home Loan Centers at your earliest convenience.

Veterans in Glades County

Fewer than 1,000 veterans reside in Glades County. For many years this population complained of long commutes for VA clinical services. Recently, it was announced by the Hendry County Commissioner that a VA clinic will be opening in county seat Moore Haven, with a targeted opening in the spring or summer of 2015. Area veterans are provided benefits counseling and entitlement referral by the Glades County Veterans Service Office, located on 1034 Baker Highway.

Veteran homeowners in Glades County benefit from certain property tax exemptions, contingent on eligibility. A veteran’s disability exemption amounting to $5,000 is accessible for veterans with a service-related disability of ten percent or greater. A total veteran’s disability exemption is available for vets with permanent and total disability. Veterans who qualify are exempt from the entirety of property taxes. For more information, contact the office of the local tax assessor.

Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable In Glades County:

  • Single Family: $425
  • Condominium: $425
  • Manufactured Housing: $425
  • Duplex $500
  • Triplex: $550
  • Fourplex: $600
  • Repair Certification: 100

Glades County Property Search

The VA HLC property search can be used for the following areas:

Palmdale, Muse, Buckhead Ridge, Lakeport, Moore Haven, Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation

Glades County VA Approved Condos

Currently, there are no VA approved condos in Glades County. For assistance with a condo approval project contact VA Home Loan Centers immediately at 888-573-4496.


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