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Bristol Bay Borough VA Property Info

Bristol Bay Borough VA homes2021 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Bristol Bay Borough is $822,375.

With a population of only 960, The Bristol Bay Borough has no incorporated communities. With a land area of 384 square miles, the borough is tiny by Alaska standards. The population density of two residents per square mile is greater however than multiple census-designated places in the state. Naknek with a population of 544 is the largest city in the borough; it also functions as the borough seat. Naknek was originally settled thousands of years ago by Athabaskans and Yupiks. In the 1820s, Russian fur trappers began populating the area. A settlement built on the site of what was originally a Russian orthodox church became the town center.

In the late 1800s salmon canneries began popping up in Bristol Bay. Today, the area is a salmon distribution hub. The area is known as the “Red Salmon Capital of the World.”

Located in the southwestern portion of the state, Bristol Bay was Alaska’s first borough and was established in 1962. Roughly 91 veterans live in the borough. The median household income is $79,931, and the median home value is $182,000. Disabled veterans who own a home in the area could qualify for a property tax exemption if they have a net income that falls below $12,000 and a total disability (100 percent rating).

King Salmon’s air force base, which was built during World War II operated until 1994 when it closed.

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King Salmon, Naknek, South Naknek

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Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable in Bristol Bay Borough

  1. Single Family: $700
  2. Condominium: $700
  3. Duplex Family: $850
  4. Triplex Family: $900
  5. Fourplex Family: $900
  6. Repair Inspection: $100

VA Condos

There are no VA approved condos at this time in Bristol Bay. Click here if you would like to get a condo approved.

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