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Anchorage Municipality, Alaska VA Home Loan Info

Anchorage Municipality va homes2021 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Anchorage Municipality is $822,375.

Located in South Central Alaska, Anchorage Municipality, with a population of 300,950 inhabitants is by far the most populated city in the state. 40 percent of state residents live in the municipality. New York is the only state with a greater percentage of state residents concentrated in one city. Four times named an All-America-City, Anchorage is widely considered the most tax-friendly city in the country. Anchorage has the rare distinction among Alaskan communities as having neither been a mining or fishing camp. Established in 1914, the city was originally a railroad community. The local economy was heavily based on the Alaska Railroad. Anchorage experienced a population boom over the 20-year period between the 1930s and 1950s. The strategic geographic location coupled with the growing air-transit industry brought about military bases and airports, which in turn caused the populous to swell. With the vast majority of state inhabitants situated on the “rail belt” between Fairbanks and Anchorage, several movements over previous years have attempted to relocate the state capital to Anchorage.

Today, the largest economic influences of the area include the military, municipal, state and federal government and the tourism industry. Located in South-central Alaska, the climate features subarctic conditions. The summertime is rainy, and winter days are cloudy. During the winter, the days are short and during summer the days are long. Diversity in wildlife permeates the area. It is not uncommon to see black bears, grizzly bears, moose and mountain goats sauntering around town.

Places to visit in Anchorage include the Anchorage Museum at Ramuson Center, the Oscar Anderson House Museum, the Alaska Museum of Natural History, the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, the Alaska Native Heritage Center, and the Imaginarium: Science Discovery Center.

The city has a veteran population of 30,854. The median household income is $76,495, and the median home value is $277,100.

The area is extremely military friendly and has a long history as a military hub. In 2010 Fort Richardson Army Post and Elmendorf Air Force Base were merged to create Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

There are several major units assigned to the base:

  • Alaskan Command
  • Alaskan Norad Region
  • 3d Wing
  • Eleventh Air Force
  • United States Army Alaska
  • 4th Brigade 25th Infantry Division
  • 673rd Air Base Wing

Veterans living in Anchorage benefit from the presence of a VA Medical Center, located on North Muldoon Road. This facility offers mental health, specialty and primary care on an outpatient basis.

Disabled veteran homeowners living in Anchorage qualify for a property tax exemption of the first $150,000 of assessed property value if they have a total disability and have a net income below $12,000.

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VFW Posts

There are six VFW Posts located in Anchorage:

Post 9785 Eagle River Post
PO Box 770266 Eagle River, AK 995770266 United States
Phone: (907) 694-2739

Meeting Location & Time
10527 VFW Rd Eagle River, AK 99577-8032 United States
7:00 PM 2nd Tuesday

Quartermaster: John Mattison
Commander: William Yudiskas

Post 9978 Gen. John R. Noyes Post
101 Oklahoma St Anchorage, AK 995041210 United States
Phone: (907) 333-4577

Meeting Location & Time
101 Oklahoma St Anchorage, AK 99504-1210 United States
7:00 PM 3rd Wednesday

Quartermaster: James Jackson
Commander: Ford Brooks

Post 10252 Northland Post
P.O. Box 141812 Anchorage, AK 99514 United States
Phone: (907) 277-6263

Meeting Location & Time
3105 Mountain View Dr Anchorage, AK 995013106 United States
7:00 PM 3rd Wednesday

Quartermaster: Dwight Nelson
Commander: Edward Lopez

Post 1685 Capt. James G. Lee Memorial Post
1200 W 33rd Ave Anchorage, AK 995034516 United States
Phone: (907) 562-1685

Meeting Location & Time
1200 W 33rd Ave Anchorage, AK 99503-4516 United States
7:00 PM 2nd Wednesday

Quartermaster: Tim Benintendi
Commander: Daniel Garcia

Post 9981 So. Anchorage Post
12870 Old Seward HWY Suite #109 Anchorage, AK 99516 United States
Phone: (907) 770-5094

Meeting Location & Time
12870 Old Seward HWY Suite #109 Anchorage, AK 99516 United States
6:00 PM 1st Tuesday

Quartermaster: N/A
Commander: Grady Lindly

Post 9365 Susitna Post
PO Box 872000 Wasilla, AK 996872000 United States
Phone: (907) 376-5820

Meeting Location & Time
301 East Lakeview Ave. Wasilla, AK 99687-2000 United States
7:00 PM Monday

Quartermaster: William Dishon
Commander: Todd Maynard

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VA Property Search in Anchorage Municipality

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Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable in Anchorage Municipality

  1. Single Family: $700
  2. Condominium: $700
  3. Duplex Family: $850
  4. Triplex Family: $900
  5. Fourplex Family: $900
  6. Repair Inspection: $100

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If a condo complex is not VA approved, please visit: expedited VA Loan condo approval information.

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