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Washoe County, Nevada VA Loans & VA Loan Info

Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable In Washoe County:

Washoe County, Nevada homes for saleThe 2019 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Washoe County is $484,350.

  • Single Family: $450
  • Condominium: $450
  • Manufactured Housing ( including modular): $450
  • Duplex $500
  • Triplex $600
  • Fourplex $600
  • Repair Certification $100

Life in Washoe County NV

Washoe County MilitaryLargely forgotten in the shadow of Las Vegas, Reno, with a population of 225,221 is the second most populous city in Nevada. Despite the synonymous nature of Caesars Palace and Las Vegas, Reno is actually the original birthplace of Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Given the high population density of the city, Reno’s place as the county seat of Washoe County should come as no surprise. Prior to 1871, Washoe City was the official county seat, since being replaced by Reno; the entire metropolitan area has experienced a sustained period of growth.

Washoe County was one of the original nine counties that comprised the Nevada Territory in the 1800s.

Named after the Washoe people, who were the areas original inhabitants, Washoe literally means “people from here.” Washoe County continues to embrace the culture and history of the Washoe people. Last year, the School district of the county became the first in the country to offer Paiute language classes. Furthermore, local artisans still practice ancient basket-weaving techniques, as well as farming and ranching practices. Tourists and other visitors are able to take classes or purchase items made following these traditional customs.

Nestled against Oregon and California, the relatively small county borders 13 other counties. This unusual geographic feature is largely due to the protection efforts of the United States Government, working towards preserving the historical lands as well as the endangered species of the area.

The Anaho Island National Wildlife Refuge, the High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails and the Black Rock Desert National Conservation Area provide both a living museum and a historical account of the region. The Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area alone manages more than 300,000 miles of preservation land, divided into at least ten distinct territories. Each of these areas is of great historical and geological interest to the country. The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and the Toiybe National Forest are also partially located in Washoe County, and are well protected by local and state government regulations.

Unlike any other Nevada county, Washoe boasts two incorporated cities: Reno and Sparks. The city of Sparks is the fifth largest city in the state. In large part the consistent population growth of the county can be attributed to employment opportunities and generous government support, but much is also thanks to the natural beauty of the land.

The ever expanding metropolis features many recreational opportunities and plenty of action to satisfy every tourist and life-long resident. Hiking, skiing, fishing and hunting are all within a quick drive from the bustling downtown areas. For those who prefer more calm and sophisticated pursuits, there are plenty of cultural activities and tours to take advantage of within the city limits. Museums, eateries, public theaters and shopping adventures are all there to be experienced throughout the day and into the night. Further keeping with the counties respect for the Washoe people, many of the cultural museums, tours and shops of Washoe County are dedicated to the native people who inhabited the area first, establishing communication and relationships with settlers headed to California.

Adding to the charm of Washoe County is the experience of all four seasons. As one of the few regions in Nevada that has diverse weather throughout the year, the array of popular attractions available in conjunction with the changing seasons makes life in the county all the more enjoyable.

The ever popular attraction Incline Village at Lake Tahoe provides virtual year-round entertainment. Located on the north shore of the infamous Lake Tahoe, the one- time logging industry village became one of the most sought after vacation destinations. Even the many famous residents who call this area home never tire of the views, wildlife or water sports.

Despite the housing collapse and the poor economy, Washoe County spent the better part of the last decade in recovery and has begun meaningful growth spurts once again. Newer homes that were built within the last several years often include very modern and prosperous designs. These estates are usually found within gated communities, cathedral ceilings and elaborate landscaping. There is a great disparity between the sprawling estates and the moderate homes built just a few years prior. Homes built in the 1990’s consist of mobile homes, manufactured homes as well as some rental properties. The previously constructed homes are modest in comparison to their newer counterparts, but all are classically maintained and bode well together.

Military Presence in Washoe County Nevada


Due to the close proximity, Washoe County shares some military space with neighboring California. However, the county is probably most widely known for the historical Reno Army Air Base. Originally known as the Stead Air Force Base, the installation was highly active from 1942 through 1966. The training missions and mechanical maneuvers practiced at this base have been instrumental to the United States involvement in many successful wartime efforts. The base reopened as a mixed use facility, predominately for Strategic Air Command survival training, along with limited civilian and commercial involvement. To some capacity, the United States Air Force still uses area within Washoe County for helicopter and other aircraft training regiments.

Veterans living in Washoe County benefit from the VA Medical Center and the VA Veterans Center, both operate in Reno. Furthermore, multiple VFW’s can be found in the city of Reno as well as an Elks Lodge. Organizations such as these can serve to provide support systems to veterans, they are especially important for former service members struggling to adjust with civilian life.

Veteran homeowners in Washoe County may qualify for a property tax exemption. For vets who have service time totaling a continuous 90 days, an exemption of $1,250 is available. Disabled veterans and the surviving spouses of disabled veterans may also qualify for an exemption. Disabled vets are entitled to an exemption amount of up to $12,500 while widows of disabled vets can qualify for up to $1000. These entitlements are subject to eligibility requirements. To determine your eligibility, contact the Washoe County assessor’s office.

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