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As of January 1, 2014: The maximum, $0 down Loan Amount For Veterans Administration Mortgages is $1,094,625.00!

***The maximum VA loan (with a down-payment) is $3,000,000.00.

Veterans Administration Home Loan BuildingYou have reached VA HLC, the Veterans Administration Home Loans Origination Website. This site is to provide an origination portal for Home Loans Guaranteed By The United States Veterans Administration. We are an organization created to help you sell, buy or apply for a residential VA loan. If you would like information on other VA benefits (such as the GI bill or medical benefits), please click here.

*Note the maximum Veterans Administration Home Loan Amount varies by county. Call 1-888-573-4496 (option 1) for details, or to speak with a counselor or to begin your application for a VA mortgage. 

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When You Apply For A VA Loan, You Can Buy A Home With No Money Down

Your service affords you the honor of owning your own piece of America with special GI Bill Housing Loan financing. By now you may have heard about your ability to purchase a home with no money out of pocket. $0 down and $0 closing costs provide you the opportunity to own your own real estate for less than the cost of rent, using your guaranteed military VA home loan.

About VA-HLC

VA-HLC is a one-stop resource to help veterans, active-duty military and their families fully understand the options available to them, guiding them through the process and achieving the best result.

VA Home Loan Centers is a qualified organization created to provide advice, assistance, and services for military personnel in aspects related to mortgages and real estate. The VA loan program helps veterans, active and former duty military, and certain spouses of wounded, M.I.A. or K.I.A. United States service personnel achieve the ultimate American dream: home ownership.

Services provided by VA Home Loan Centers include real estate representation such as VA loan short sale processing, purchase assistance and VA loan application processing.

VA Home Loan Centers offers beneficial loans to all eligible veterans and their families. It is easier to qualify for a loan through VA Home Loan Centers than other loan programs because VA-HLC offers higher front-end and debt ratios as well as the no down payment, no closing costs option (VA no/no).

Other benefits include the ability to finance the funding fee, no mortgage insurance premiums, no prepayment penalties, low interest rates and monthly costs. VA loans available include 15-year and 30-year fixed mortgage rates.

VA-HLC is dedicated to providing servicemembers with in-depth information about VA loans as well as refinancing and loan modification.

Eligible Servicemembers (and their families) can apply for a VA loan through VA-HLC’s simple, secure application form, which does not require a social security number.

About VA loans

The veterans home loan program began in 1944 as a means of helping veterans purchase homes. Since its inception, the VA loan program has helped more than 18 million veterans and active duty military personnel and presents significant advantages over the average bank loan, including:

  • No down payment
  • Finance options (or waiver) for the funding fee
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No mortgage premiums
  • Low interest
  • Low monthly costs
  • Easy qualification
  • Limitations of buyers closing costs

Service-members, Veterans, Surviving Spouses and civil service deployed can buy using the VA Home Loan Benefit and receive up to 2% closing costs credit rebate!

As an added benefit of obtaining real estate ownership, you can receive a credit for closing costs and / or repairs. This extra special rebate offer is limited to those whom are eligible and is for a very, limited time.

About Active Duty VA Mortgages

Active Duty who apply for VA loan can now enjoy the American dream at no extra monthly cost! Your BAH can easily pay the mortgage on your VA Home Loan.

Experience the pride of ownership and easily obtain your greatest asset at no additional cost to you. Your BAH / BAQ will easily pay the mortgage on your Veterans Administration Home Loan. Due to near perfect market conditions, if you apply for a VA loan now, you have the fortune of buying prime real estate at a fraction of what it was just a short time ago. Using a Veterans Administration (VA) loan to buy a foreclosure has never been better!

Veteran Administration Home Loans Benefit offers: Low rates, low prices, $0 out of pocket and easy qualifying.

Now is the time to buy, now is the time to apply for VA loan rebates! Interest rates are at historical lows and foreclosures are at record highs. Guaranteed Veterans Administration Home Loans enable you to buy with a credit score as low as 620.

Current Topics

How to get approved for a VA home loan after a foreclosure or bankruptcy.
Details include minimum time needed and the steps to apply.

How to receive VA Home Loan Centers Assistance with your short sale.
If you are eligible, you may have your short sale balance PAID IN FULL!

Same Sex marriages now qualify for VA loans (depending on the state). Click here for more info.

Easy Application For VA Home Loan

VA Home Loan is edited and maintained by Veteran Realtors Veteran Administration Home Loans Services. If you are in the market for a VA Home Loan, VA Housing Purchase or VA Mortgage Loan, look no further!

Apply for your VA loan today! We proudly offer the best VA mortgage rates along with the best service. We are here to help our military heroes make purchasing a new residence or refinancing a current residence as easy as possible. Use our online VA Home Loan Application process to pre-qualify for VA loan financing or fill out our full application to apply for VA loan. If you have any questions about using your VA mortgage guarantee, we are here to help. Call your VA home specialist (888) 573-4496 (option 1).

About VA Home Loan Centers Homeowners Action Services (Hassm)

VA-HLC has recently launched a new service to assist eligible homeowners with VA home loans who are facing financial loss when selling their primary-residence homes, as well as those facing foreclosure as a result of the drop in home values.

HASsm helps veterans, active duty military and their families stay in their homes by offering several mortgage payment-reduction plans, or help them sell their property – even if they do not have equity in their homes.

HASsm offers several refinance options for homeowners with owner-occupied VA home loans, including interest rate reduction and refinance programs for veterans, active-duty military and their families even if they do not currently have a VA loan.

Veterans who no longer live in the home they own can qualify for several non-foreclosure options. These include grants, subsidies or short sales.

This site is to provide an origination portal for VA Home Loans, The term “origination portal” “Home loan portal”, are all properties of VA Home Loan Centers. All rights reserved.

Veteran, REALTORS is Licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate 01305290 –

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