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VA Home Loan Info - Counties

Can I get a VA Loan Over the County Limit?

Yes. However, a down payment will be required. If you would like to increase your VA loan amount (above the county limit), you may have to give a down payment equal to 25% of the difference above and beyond the county limit and the total loan limit. In addition to this, there may be certain […]

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VA mortgage, Federal VA loan Information

What is a VA mortgage? What is a VA loan? A VA loan is a type of government guaranteed mortgage. VA loans are mortgages and home loans insured by the federal government, specifically, the mortgage product is insured by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Administration). VA home loans are zero down mortgages that […]

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VA Funding Fee Info

The VA Funding Fee is a required cost of a VA Home Loan. The VA funding fee has been set by congress and can only be waived 1) if the borrower receives an acceptable disability rating and/or 2) if the borrower receives a regular disability check (as a result of a service related injury) from […]

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