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VA HLC HAS℠ Program Launched

has program launched

VA Home Loan Centers Launches Homeowners Action Services (HAS℠)
Multi-option action plan for veterans and active-duty service members will keep some families in their homes, help others save credit rating – or both.

VA Home Loan Centers (VA-HLC) has launched a new service to assist eligible homeowners with VA home loans who are facing financial loss when selling their primary-residence homes, as well as those facing foreclosure as a result of the drop in home values. VA Home Loan Centers new Homeowners Action Services℠ (HAS) program can also help homeowners refinance and lower their payments.

HAS℠ helps veterans, active duty military and their families stay in their homes by offering several mortgage payment-reduction plans, or help them sell their property – even if they do not have equity in their homes.

“As the name implies, HAS℠ is all about action in helping veterans refinance and avoid foreclosure,” said Philip Georgiades, Chief Loan Steward of VA-HLC. “The much-publicized debt-relief programs being talked about right now, like principal reduction and other modifications, are confusing and not always easy to qualify for. We’ve launched HAS℠ as a one-stop resource to help veterans fully understand the options available to them, guiding them through the process and achieving the best result.”

HAS℠ offers several refinance options for homeowners with owner-occupied VA home loans, including interest rate reduction and refinance programs for veterans, active-duty military and their families even if they do not currently have a VA loan.

Georgiades added, “One of the many benefits of using HAS℠ through VA-HLC is that you have the option of skipping two mortgage payments as part of your refinance package.”

Veterans who no longer live in the home they own can qualify for several non-foreclosure options. These include grants, subsidies or short sales.

The grants are available to certain veterans who owe more than what their property is worth and have been relocated by the military.

The grants pay off any lender loss, real estate commissions, closing costs and related seller expenses.

Those who do not qualify for a grant may receive a subsidy to pay any mortgage debt, closing costs and delinquent mortgage payments.

“VA-HLC provides free processing and counseling for all these options,” adds Georgiades. “HAS℠ is about action; and we’re here to help our veterans, active-duty military and their families. They deserve nothing less.”

About VA-HLC / VA Home Loan Centers (http://www.vahomeloancenter.org)
VA Home Loan Centers is a qualified lender of mortgage loans to United States Veterans.

VA Home Loan Centers offers beneficial loans to all eligible veterans and their families. It is easier to qualify for a loan through VA Home Loan Centers than other loan programs because they offer higher front-end and debt ratios as well as the no down payment, no closing costs option (VA no/no). Other benefits include the ability to finance the funding fee, no mortgage insurance premiums, no prepayment penalties, low interest rates and monthly costs.

VA loans available include 15-year and 30-year fixed mortgage rates. For more information on the eligibility requirements and loan limits and how VA-HLC can help with a VA loan, refinancing or foreclosure avoidance, call 888-573-4496 or visit their Web site www.vahomeloancenters.org.