Home Preparation Tips for Sellers

child's home preparation On average, American homeowners sell their homes and move every five to seven years. Although this phenomenon is hard to understand for an owner with multiple decades of life spent in a single home, there are numerous compelling reasons for an owner to sell. Circumstances change, the ideal home ten years ago may no longer be the ideal home…

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VA Home Loan Centers HAS℠ Your Solution

What is HAS℠?

VA Home Loan Centers HAS program launchedHAS℠ is the Homeowners Action Services program. HAS℠ is designed to provide relief to military homeowners who are having difficulty supporting multiple mortgage payments due to PCS or other need to move form your original home.

Who is Eligible?

Any active duty or former active duty

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Why Short Sale With A VA Home Buyer VS Foreclosure?

short-sale-vs-foreclosureTo avoid foreclosure some people have been able to get into the government loan plan by participating in the Loan Modification Program for their mortgage. This will allow them to stay in their home. Unfortunately, there are a great number of people who were not successful in joining the house loan mod plan.


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Free Loan Modification Help For Veterans

VA Home Loan Centers offers free assistance to those needed loan modification help.

WARNING: Do not fall prey to unscrupulous loan modification companies.

If you are a Veteran and are experiencing difficulty making your mortgage payment, you can receive free loan modification assistance. This is true even if you do not have a VA loan.

In fact, it’s a law. Your “Loan Servicer” (the company that collects your payment) is required to offer veteran…

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10 steps to take before you sell your home

buying a home, first time buyersAlthough the home selling process differs depending on your location, there are some steps that every seller should take before putting his/her house on the market.

Pre-approval for your home loan (if you are moving up to another home)

Have you heard the…

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The Different Types of Listing Agreements

va listing agreementBefore You Sign a Listing Agreement

There are three primary types of listing agreements, and each one offers a different level of services, responsibilities and rights for both the agents and the sellers. It is important to become familiar with all types in order to decide what is best for you, especially before signing anything.

Exclusive Right…

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Passing Your Home Inspection

Most buyers will want a professional home inspector, some lenders require it. At times home inspections are done even before the home goes under contract.
Although home inspections will cover multiple systems within the house, there are several specific sports that buyers worry about most. You don’t need to wait for inspection day to arrive in order to assess the condition of your home. Make necessary home repairs and avoid having small…

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Preparing to show your house

Once you decide to put your house on the market, you will usually only have one chance to impress potential buyers. Before putting your house on the market, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at its condition, and then prepare your house for showing. You may find yourself with a faster sale and a higher offer than might otherwise be expected.

Start with the Basics

  1. Start by eliminating any…

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Home Warranties for Buyers and Sellers

The seller or the buyer can purchase a home warranty, and this is usually paid for at closing time. Home warranties cover repair or replacement for appliances or other things associated with the home. Each warranty is specific to the home it covers. If you’re looking at new home construction, most builders are required to provide at minimum a one year builder’s warranty. This is in case of problems that can…

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Dealing with a Low Appraisal

dealing-with-a-low-appraisalYou’ve signed the contract, bugs have been smoothed out, details are clear and things are moving along nicely. Inspections have been completed, the results were acceptable and the closing date is nearing its target. Everyone is waiting for the results of the home appraisal. The house sold for a reasonable price and no one is too worried, but the loan commitment letter…

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Prepare the home to show 2

Always Ready for Show Time
Requests for same day or last minute showings are common, so sellers be aware. When sellers add a stipulation requesting 24 hours notice in order to show, they are cutting themselves off from a large portion of the market. There is no reason to require this much time unless you are giving notice to a tenant. If your house is unavailable for show, it will get marked…

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Advice and tips on how to stage

storage space for home
Pack Up, Move Out

Seeing as how you will have to move out anyway, once you sell your home, there shouldn’t be a problem with starting now. Rent a storage room, or if you’re lucky, maybe a family member has some garage space. Start filling it both with all the clutter currently…

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Curb Appeal and why it matters

Curb appeal is the phrase describing the view that buyers see when they drive by your home or arrive for a showing. Based on their initial impression, most buyers decide whether or not to continue interest in a house, so it’s smart to take steps to ensure that they won’t turn away before they even have a change to see the interior. Savvy home sellers give top priority to improving their…

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