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Taylor County, Florida VA Home Loan Info

Florida VA home loan limits2021 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Taylor County is $548,250.

Formed in 1856 from Madison County and located on the southeastern coast of the Florida Panhandle, Taylor County is in the heart of the states “Big Bend area.” Named after former President Zachary Taylor, who served from 1840 to 1850, Taylor County has only one incorporated city.  Encompassing a portion of St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, numerous migratory birds pass through the county yearly. The total area of the county is sizeable at 1,232 square miles, which in addition to the City of Perry, spreads across 17 unincorporated communities. The total population is 22,570 with roughly one-third of residents centralized in Perry.

Built upon a sulfurous spring, the incorporation of the 1923 resort hotel brought many wealthy tourists to the county, giving the area a limited national relevance. At the time, many held the belief that sulfur springs possessed healing abilities.

Taylor County boasts of superb hunting and fishing. Locals will passionately argue the county as having the best outdoor sporting in the state. Supporting this argument is its location along the Big Bend, which spans one of the longest coastlines in Florida. In addition to the freshwater offerings, the county holds multiple saltwater fishing tournaments over the course of the year.

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Veterans in Taylor County

Taylor County has a small veteran population of less than 3,000. Despite the comparably miniscule military populous, local veterans are still given access to multiple veteran service organizations. The Veterans Service Office offers benefits and entitlements education, claims assistance, and appeals help. Additionally, the department operates a shuttle service that runs on Tuesdays from the Admin complex in Perry to the VA Hospital in Lake City. If needed a connecting shuttle runs from Lake City to Gainesville, which allows Taylor County residents the opportunity of taking advantage of the Gainesville Vet Center and the Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center.

Until July of 2011, the Taylor County VA Outreach Clinic operated out of the county health department but has since closed down. Veterans who were administered service were given the option and continue to have the option of transferring their service to the Lack City Ambulatory Care Clinic. The Veterans Service Office can provide additional health care referrals.

Disabled veteran homeowners living in Taylor County qualify for a $5,000 property tax exemption if they a disability rating of 10 percent or greater. Veterans, who suffer from a service-related injury that has caused a complete disability, are entitled to a full property tax exemption.

VFW Post

Post 9225 Perry Post
PO Box 1322
Perry, FL 32347
United States
Phone: (850) 584-8932

Meeting Location & Time
312 E Veterans Dr
Perry, FL 323472007
United States
7:00 PM 2nd Tuesday

Quartermaster: Robert Lilliott
Commander: Arvil Grubbs

Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable In Taylor County:

  • Single Family: $425
  • Condominium: $425
  • Manufactured Housing: $425
  • Duplex $500
  • Triplex: $550
  • Fourplex: $600
  • Repair Certification: $100

Taylor County Property Search

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Taylor County VA Approved Condos

Currently, there are no VA approved condos in Taylor County.

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