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Suwannee County, Florida VA Home Loan Info

Florida VA home loan limits2021 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Suwannee County is $548,250.

Suwannee County is situated in Northern Florida, just off of the panhandle. Named for the Suwannee River, the county is made up by less than four square miles of water. Large portions of the northern, western and southern borders of the county are formed by the Suwannee River however. Situated on a bed of limestone, with underground fresh water streams that come to the surface at fresh water springs, the area of the county forms the phenomenon known as Karst Topography. This is categorized by the abundance of fishing sources and renewable fresh water.

It is widely debated what the etymology of the word Suwannee is. Although, the two most widely accepted originating stories are that it is a corruption of the Spanish, San Juan, for Saint John, or that it is from the Cherokee, sawani, for Echo River. The county was created in December of 1858. Facilitating its inception was the newly connected railway that travelled to Jacksonville and Tallahassee. The population of the county is 41,551, with the majority of residents living in the county seat and the largest city of Live Oak. Beyond Live Oak, Branford is the only incorporated township, with the rest of Suwannee County’s residents spread across 14 unincorporated communities.

The county came to national prominence in the 1930’s when the local rural lumber and turpentine camps of the area were researched by anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston. Additionally, the 1952 trial of Ruby McCollum, which occurred in the county, has been the subject of multiple documentaries.

Interestingly, Suwannee County prohibited the sale and purchase of alcoholic beverages until August of 2011.

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Veterans in Suwannee County

Disabled veterans, who own property in Suwannee County, are entitled to a property tax exemption amounting to $5,000. Veterans, who suffer from a total disability, qualify for a full exemption.Approximately 4,500 veterans reside in Suwannee County. The Department of Veteran Services assists area veterans with claims filling. Additionally, the office provides benefits counselling to military members. Located in Live Oak, the department works to ensure that   veterans have a base of knowledge in regards to what services they can and cannot qualify for, and what paperwork and materials are necessary to file successfully or appeal a claim.

Adjacent to Hamilton County, Veterans Memorial Park in nearby Jasper proudly displays multiple memorials that pay tribute to those who have served from the at large area. The park is noted for its annual memorial day celebration.

Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable In Suwannee County:

  • Single Family: $425
  • Condominium: $425
  • Manufactured Housing: $425
  • Duplex $500
  • Triplex: $550
  • Fourplex: $600
  • Repair Certification: $100

Suwannee County Property Search

Live Oak, Branford, Beachville, Dickert, Dowling Park, Ellaville, Falmouth, Fort Union, Hildreth, Houston, Luraville, McAlpin, O’Brien, Padlock, Pouchers Corner, Rixford, Slade, Suwannee Springs, Wellborn

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Suwannee County VA Approved Condos

Currently, there are no VA approved condos in Suwannee County.

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