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Shoshone County, Idaho VA Loan Information

shoshone county2021 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Shoshone County is $548,250.

Located in northern Idaho, Shoshone County is the home of three national protected areas, making it a great area for outdoor lovers. The Idaho State Legislature officially created Shoshone County in 1864. The county was named after the Native American Shoshone Tribe. Known for its strong mining community and its large amounts of silver, zinc, and lead, Shoshone County is known as the “Silver Valley.” Skiing, hiking, and mountain biking are all activities frequently enjoyed in Shoshone County. The total population is 12,390, including a veteran population of 1,607.

One of the national protected areas partly located in Shoshone County is the Clearwater National Forest. Clearwater is made up of thick forests, crystal clear streams, and golden fields. For a beautiful place to spend a day outdoors, there is no better place than the Clearwater National Forest. Home to many rivers and streams, Clearwater is an excellent place for fishing, swimming, boating, and many other aquatic activities. Clearwater National Forest was one of the areas Lewis and Clark traveled through on their expedition. William Clark said about the Clearwater National Forest, “From this mountain I could observe high rugged mountains in every direction as far as I could see.”

Lovers of skiing, snowmobiling, and other winter sports will enjoy the opportunities provided at Silver Mountain. Silver Mountain has all the amenities you need for a fun and exciting ski trip, including ski lifts, a ski lodge, and ski rentals. Gondola Village, an area at an elevation of 2,300 ft, is a popular tourist spot in Shoshone County. The village contains 112 gondola cabins and 45 towers. Gondola Village has cabins to house around 1,600 visitors. Another great area to visit for skiing is the Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area.

There are a Veterans Services Office and several other veteran resources located in Shoshone County. Shoshone County even has volunteer driver programs, which provide transportation for veterans living in Shoshone County to the VA Medical Center in Spokane, WA. Benefits offered to veterans living in Idaho include VA pensions, health care benefits, tax benefits, and many more!

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Kellogg, Mullan, Osburn, Pinehurst, Smelterville, Wallace, Wardner, Adair, Avery, Big Creek, Calder, Cataldo, Clarkia, Enaville, Gold Creek, Kingston, Murray, Pine Creek, Silverton

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VFW Post

Post 1675 Shoshone Post
PO Box 534
318 E Mullen Ave
Osburn, ID 83849
United States
Phone: (208) 752-4811

Meeting Location & Time
318 E Mullan Ave
Osburn, ID 83849
United States
6:30 PM 4th Thursday

Quartermaster: Joseph Wallace
Robert Mc Kay

Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable in Shoshone County

  • Single Family Residence: $600
  • Condominium: $650
  • Residential Duplex: $700
  • Residential Triplex: $750
  • Residential Fourplex: $800
  • Manufactured Home: $650
  • Repair Inspection $150


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