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Jasper County, Illinois VA Loan Information

jasper county2021 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Jasper County is $548,250.

Jasper County was named after a hero of the American Revolutionary War, Sergeant William Jasper. The county is located in south central Illinois, giving Jasper easy access to several large cities. If you are searching for a friendly community where all of your neighbors are willing to lend a helping hand, then come to Jasper County. Jasper County possesses a rich history and a thriving school system. The county encompasses a total area of 498 square miles, 495 miles of which is land, and 3.6 miles of which is water. The total population of Jasper County is 9,623, including a veteran population of 733.

If you have children, then you will appreciate the strong school system in Jasper County. The school district provides some of the best teachers and many activities for children of all ages. The schools also provide multiple sports teams and clubs. Your child is sure to find a club that they will love! There are many afterschool programs and additional education resources in Jasper County. Saint Thomas Catholic School is a great private school located in the county seat of Newton.

The Embarras River is 195 miles long and flows through Jasper County. For some of the most fun you can have outdoors, come to the Embarras River. Bring your raft, canoe, or fishing pole to the river! Thanks to the many different species of fish that make their home in the Embarras River, it is an excellent place for fishing. Take your boat out on the water for a relaxing day in the summer. The shores of the Embarras River are a great place to have a picnic with friends and family. If you enjoy camping, the shores of the Embarras River are great for that as well!

There are several famous former residents from Jasper County. The famous children’s book author, who wrote Across Five Aprils, Irene Hunt, once lived in Jasper County. Irene Hunt was the recipient of the Hans Christian Anderson Award. There are also a number of famous athletes from Jasper County. Ross Wolf is a professional baseball pitcher for the SK Wyverns and has played for many MLB teams. Another professional athlete from Jasper County is Glenn Brummer, who has been the catcher for several MLB teams.

The Jasper County Department of Affairs is an excellent resource for veterans living in Jasper County. Disability compensation, employment assistance, and property tax exemption eligibility are just a few of the great benefits offered to veterans living in Illinois. The median housing cost in the county is $88,100, and the median household income is $52,233.

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VFW Post

Post 7537 Harvey A. Pulliam Post
106 N Van Buren St
Newton, IL 62448
United States
Phone: (618) 783-2123

Meeting Location & Time
106 N Van Buren St.
Newton, IL 62448-1906
United States
7:00 pm 2nd Tuesday

Quartermaster: James Klier
Craig Pritchard

Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable in Jasper County

  • Single Family: $420
  • Mukti Family: $550
  • Individual Condo: $425
  • Manufactured: $425
  • Repair Inspection: $100


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