Muscatine County, Iowa VA Loan Information

muscatineThe 2018 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Muscatine County is $453,100.

If you love the beauty of nature, then you will find Muscatine County to be a paradise! Located on the eastern edge of Iowa, Muscatine County is home to many beautiful forests and waterways. The county features a multitude of different recreation facilities,…

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Louisa County, Iowa VA Loan Information

louisaThe 2018 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Louisa County is $453,100.

Louisa County is the perfect place for those looking to enjoy the beauty of nature every day. Located on the eastern edge of Iowa, Louisa County offers many great outdoor spots, including forests and waterways. If you are a fan of fishing…

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Jasper County, Iowa VA Loan Information

jasper ctyThe 2018 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Jasper County is $453,100.

Jackson County is home to a multitude of excellent attractions, no matter what your interests are. Located along the North and South Skunk Rivers, Jackson County is one of the best locations in Iowa for aquatic activities. There are a multitude of things to do…

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Jackson County, Iowa VA Loan Information

jackson cty iwThe 2018 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Jackson County is $453,100.

Jackson County is one of the liveliest and most artistic places in Iowa! Located on the eastern edge of Iowa, Jackson County is home to many great outdoor areas, including parks, waterways, campgrounds, and more! The county also has a lively arts scene, which…

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Johnson County, Iowa VA Loan Information

johnson ctyThe 2018 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Johnson County is $453,100.

Welcome to Johnson County, where you are offered many opportunities to live, learn, and grow. Located in east central Iowa, Johnson County is home to Iowa City, a bustling city full of great restaurants, movie theaters, bars, and more. Johnson County is also home to…

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Howard County, Iowa VA Loan Information

howard ctyThe 2018 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Howard County is $453,100.

Located on the northern edge of Iowa, Howard County is an excellent place to live and grow with a great community. If you love being outdoors, then be sure to visit one of the parks, waterways, or recreational areas! There are a multitude of fun…

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LaPorte County, Indiana VA Loan Information

laporteThe 2018 $0 down, VA home loan limit for LaPorte County is $453,100.

Located on the northern edge of Indiana, LaPorte County is home to many beautiful outdoor locations. Art-lovers and artists will love the many theaters, art galleries, and music venues located in the county. LaPorte County is also home to many museums, which…

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Hendricks County, Indiana VA Loan Information

hendricksThe 2018 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Hendricks County is $453,100.

Located near the center of Indiana, Hendricks County is the second fastest-growing county in the state. Home to many great parks and wildlife areas, you will never have a hard time finding a place to enjoy the outdoors. Hendricks County is also home to several bowling…

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Honor Role: Bands4Courage

Elsa Zarate has been educated and working in the medical field for a good number of years. She’s tapped into the social media scene and enjoys a cup of coffee each morning. She is also an Army veteran from a rich military background, with a Marine son who was deployed for duty.

On the surface, she is…

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Jackson County, Colorado VA Home Loan Information

Jackson County VA home loan limitThe 2018 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Jackson County is $453,100.

Jackson County is one of the least populated counties in Colorado. The total population is currently 1,396, and the veteran population is 145. Jackson County is located within the Rocky Mountain basin known as North Park. The…

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Jackson County, Florida VA Home Loan Info

Florida VA home loan limitsThe 2018 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Holmes County is $453,100.

Purchased in 1821 by the United States, Florida became a state in 1845. The Florida Territorial Council created Jackson County in 1822, 23 years prior to statehood. Named after Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States,…

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FHA Mortgage Info

fha backed mortgage

During the mid-1930’s, economies worldwide had started to recover from the depression, but it was not until the conclusion of World War II that the complete scope of global financial damage had been mitigated. During the height of the Great Depression, few homeowners had the ability to pay off their mortgages. Foreclosed upon homes had reduced property values and refinancing…

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Save Money and Help Protect the Environment?

save money on your homeA few years ago, VAHLC reported that the Army was investing more than $7 billion in renewable energy sources geothermal, wind, biomass and solar. Globally, it seems a given that in the coming years, naturally replenished, energy efficient resources will replace conventional fuels, especially in the distinct areas of rural off-grid systems,…

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How to Handle Home Buyers Remorse

home buyers remorseOften considered the root of the American Dream, homeownership is a milestone of adulthood and achievement sought after by most Americans. Despite recent lows in ownership rates, the desire still remains among the public. Contrary to popular belief, even younger Americans view ownership as a staple. In a recent TB Bank survey of 18-34 year olds, 84 percent of respondents…

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First time buyer 101

VA-home-loan-questionsAs of November 2014, first-time home buyers made up the smallest portion of American buyers in almost thirty years. According to the National Association of Realtors®, between June of 2013 and June of 2014, 33 percent of all home purchases were made by first-time buyers. Between June of 2012 and June of 2013, first-time buyers represented nearly 40 percent of the housing…

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Seven Major Home Buying Mistakes

home-buying-mistakesCongressmen Leonard Boswell once said “The American Dream is one of Success, home ownership, college education for one’s children and a secure job to provide these and other goals.” This dream is multifaceted, but it starts with the place we make our own; the kingdom we build for ourselves. A crucial life stage, owning a home is…

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Seven Major House Buying Mistakes

7 house buying mistakes to avoidIn 2004, the American rate of homeownership hit a record high of 69.2 percent. A decade later the rate has dropped to its lowest number in nearly two decades. The housing crisis of 2008 saw inordinate numbers of foreclosures, and with the post-recession economic climate still impacting the market, renting has become the preferred method of occupancy…

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Seven Major Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing a Condo

condo-buying-mistakesPurchasing a condominium is a great way for individuals to become homeowners at a cost reduction not possible when buying a house. Viewed by some as a stepping stone towards house ownership, condos are a cheaper, more viable option than single-family properties for a variety of reasons. Benefits such as lower down payments, and shared utility and maintenance fees add up, representing…

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11 Things NOT to do when buying a home

11 do nots in real estateEvery year, roughly six to ten million homes are purchased on average in the United States. The economic impact that home sales have on this country cannot be overstated. Last year, the construction associated with housing purchases equated to $925 billion, equating to 6 percent of the nations economy. This figure is only one segment of the…

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11 Steps to Home Buying Success

home buying successIn 2013, over 5 million already built homes were sold; representing a far greater share of the market than the 429,000 newly built houses. The average age of houses purchased in 2013 was 21 years old. First-time buyers made up roughly 40 percent of the housing market, with the median transaction 90 percent financed. Purchasing a home is a milestone,…

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Interest Only VA Loans

interest only va loansVA Home Loan Centers does not recommend, nor guarantee interest only mortgages.

Interest only loans are shorter term adjustable rate mortgages where a borrower is not required to make payment on the principal loan amount. An amortized loan calls for the mortgage holder to make payments for both the interest and the principal every…

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Are Closing Costs Required?

closing cost required?With a net worth below $7,000 on average, the typical VA (or any) borrower relishes any opportunity to cut down on the fees and expenses associated with purchasing a home. Closing costs are, unfortunately, intertwined with home buying. The income of mortgage professionals is supplemented through closing costs. The ugly truth is that most loans that promise limited or altogether…

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Housing Adaptation Grants

Housing Adaptation Grants

22,676 United States Military veterans are living in this country today. That number continues to increase; some 200,000 active duty personnel make the transition into civilian life yearly, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.  For many, the time of transition is incredibly challenging, veterans are exposed to unemployment, homelessness and PTSD at far…

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How long is a VA appraisal valid?

For any property to be eligible for purchase with a VA home loan, a VA appraisal is required prior to purchase to determine that the value of the property matches the value of the loan.

The requirements of a VA appraisal include:

VA appraisal requirements

  • Being conducted in a timely manner
  • Adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal…

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VA Loans Are On The Rise

va loans are on the riseThe Department of Veterans Affairs reports that 200,000 service members transition from active duty to civilian every year. It has been estimated that the five year period from 2011-2016 will see more than one million service-members receive their discharge. This figure represents an enormous segment of the population who may benefit from the accessibility of the

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Military VA Loan Program

Va Loan Program

Military service has often been called “the quiet sacrifice” Over the course of our nations’ history, heroic men and women have defended the ideals of our country while asking for little to nothing in return. Congress recognized this selflessness by creating the military VA loan program. This program represents perhaps the most beneficial entitlement available to…

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Rules For VA Loans

va rulesThe VA loan is perhaps the most beneficial entitlement available to veterans and active duty service members, despite the obvious advantages provided, a lack of information seems to permeate among the general public in regards to the rules of this loan program. The following information is intended to clarify many potential misconceptions as they…

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