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Franklin County, Illinois VA Loan Information

franklin county il2021 $0 down, VA home loan limit for Franklin County is $548,250.

Franklin County is located in the southern region of Illinois. Its rural setting gives Franklin County that laid-back feel that many people enjoy. Franklin was created from portions of White and Gallatin Counties on January 2, 1818. The county encompasses a total area of 431 square miles, 409 miles of which is land, and 23 miles of which is water. The many bodies of water make Franklin County a great place for swimming, fishing, and many more aquatic activities. The county was named after Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. The total population is 39,411, including a veteran population of 3,774.

The many bodies of water make Franklin County a paradise for aquatic activity lovers. A multitude of fish species live in the lakes and rivers of Franklin County, giving it excellent fishing opportunities. Use one of the convenient boat ramps to take your boat out on the river for a relaxing boat ride. The shores of the lakes and ponds of Franklin County make great locations to spend a warm day outside. If you are a fan of camping, then be sure to take advantage of the many campsites.

If you are a history buff, then be sure to visit one of the Nationally Registered Historic Places in Franklin County. A historic theater, the Sesser Opera House was built in 1904. The Sesser Opera House burnt down ten years after its creation, but has since been fully restored. Hosting a multitude of musical acts and plays throughout the decades, the Sesser Opera House has truly seen history. West Frankfort City Hall was built in 1921 and still stands in Frankfort. West Frankfort City Hall is still used as a meeting hall. Another historical building worth visiting in Franklin County is the Franklin County Jail.

The public school system in Franklin County works hard to assure that all children and young adults are offered all of the educational resources that they need. Featuring a fully-qualified staff, the schools of Franklin County make sure each child has the attention they need. Offering many afterschool resources and athletics, your child is sure to find something that interests them at their school. The Benton Public Library is a great resource for children and adults, alike! With a multitude of books, Benton Public Library is the perfect place to find the exact resource you need.

The Veterans Affairs Department, located in the county seat of Benton, is an excellent resource for veterans. Disability compensation, employment assistance, and property tax exemption eligibility are just a few of the benefits offered to veterans living in Illinois. The median housing cost in Franklin County is $64,300, and the median household income is $36,273.

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There do not appear to be any VA-approved condos in Franklin County at the current time. VA Home Loan Centers can help you obtain condo approval on almost any condo.

VFW Posts

Post 2671 Harry H. Kinman Post
PO Box 666
Benton, IL 628120
United States
Phone: (618) 927-3266

Meeting Location & Time
311 S Main St
Benton, IL 62812
United States
6:00PM 3rd Thursday

Quartermaster: Richard Loyd
John Metzger

Post 5764 Vernon Morris II and Philip Eugene Overturf Post
PO Box 14
West Frankfort, IL 62896-0014
United States
Phone: (618) 937-2212

Meeting Location & Time
227 W Main St
West Frankfort, IL 62896-2319
United States   (Directions)
5:00pm 3rd Saturday

Quartermaster: Natalie Dragovich
Eric Bussick

Post 4753 Cox Post
PO Box 729
Sesser, IL 62884
United States
Phone: (618) 625-9959

Meeting Location & Time
302 W Coal Street
Sesser, IL 62884
United States
6:30pm 3rd Tuesday

Quartermaster: William Carroll
Melvin Snyder

Maximum VA Appraisal Fees Allowable in Franklin County

  • Single Family: $420
  • Mukti Family: $550
  • Individual Condo: $425
  • Manufactured: $425
  • Repair Inspection: $100


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