Apply For A VA Loan To Achieve The American Dream

chasing the american dream

The “American Dream” of homeownership has remained the constant aspiration of Americans throughout the years. Even as demographics shift, young Americans aged 18-34 still maintain the same desire for homeownership as previous generations did. In a recent survey of young people, 84 percent of respondents stated intent to someday buy home. Despite this aspiration, a…

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Selling Your home after a PCS

Permanent Change of Station ordersYearly, some 700,000 active duty service members are given Permanent Change of Station orders. Taking into account the frequency in which reassignment occurs: every two to four years, home buying can be particularly difficult for active duty personnel. It’s hard to settle down with the fear of relocation looming over you. Even more daunting is the process of…

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What is a Lien

home lien in californiaSo you’ve received a lien against your property, what does that mean and what should you do?

Essentially, a lien is a form of collateral used against a borrower in an effort to either recoup a debt or discourage future payment defaults. Liens are established through voluntary contracts or by legal judgments. For the latter, generally, a delinquent debtor after…

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HOA Foreclosures

foreclosure & short saleHomeowners Associations are generally non-profit organizations created by a specific community, wherein distinct property owners act as a governing body for households in a designated area. Examples of where homeowners associations operate include townhouses, condominiums and homes on certain streets or in an entire neighborhood.

The purpose of a Homeowners Association is to establish general guidelines (or rules) for the…

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What is the Automated Underwriting System

what is underwritingHuman error is prominent, loan officers are no exception. Underwriting guidelines require a multitude of information to be processed. Overlooking a specific credit requirement is not necessarily a rarity. In recent years, the use of automated programs to determine underwriting guidelines for mortgage loans has become the industry standard. The overwhelming majority of lenders have converted to using the Automated…

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Veteran Home Ownership & the VA Loan

low income americansIn the past six years, lower income Americans and those without ideal credit have found purchasing a home increasingly more difficult. Despite the post 2008 obstacles the civilian population has faced when it comes to buying a home, members of the military have seen an increase in home ownership. In 2013, Veterans made up nearly ten percent of the market…

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Assumability Of VA Loans (home loan use)

What is an Assumable Loan?

apply for Assumable LoanA mortgage loan that is assumable allows a new home buyer to inherit the seller’s loan upon the purchase of the home without the terms of the loan obligation being altered.

An example of this would be:

Mr. X sells their home (with assumable loan) to Mrs. Y. After the completion of purchaser, Mrs. Y takes control…

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